(Almost) Stock 2015 Ford Mustang Runs the Quarter-Mile in the Nines!

Amazing what a bit of race fuel and nitrous boost can do.

Without a single supercharger or turbocharger in sight, this 2015 Ford Mustang GT has been lightly tweaked to run the quarter-mile in 9.91 seconds at 135 mph. The guys at Bama Performance claim it’s the first 2015 Stang to break into the nines. So how did they manage it? Bigger injectors helped, as did using FTW Purple 116-octane race fuel, a Boss 302 manifold, cold-air intake, and a shot of nitrous oxide. The Mustang was also stripped down to just 3,450 pounds.

Mickey Thompson rubber and an offroad exhaust system relinquished the car’s street legal credentials, nevertheless, a sub-ten quarter-mile is an impressive achievement.

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