Along Came a Different Alfa Spider?

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Alfa's upcoming roadster may not be based on the next Mazda MX-5 after all.

We were ecstatic when we first learned that Alfa Romeo and Mazda signed a deal to utilize the next MX-5's rear-wheel-drive platform to underpin a new Alfa roadster. The latter would be built alongside the MX-5 in Japan, but would have unique sheetmetal and engines. However, that plan may have been recently modified, if recent rumors are to be believed. First off, the next MX-5's will for sure be shared with the Italian automaker. However, it may no longer be badged as an Alfa.

Instead, it may become a Fiat. The reason? Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne is intent on having all upcoming Alfas manufactured in Italy. It's hard to argue with that demand. On the other hand, a new Alfa Spider with MX-5 DNA would be something special as well. Fortunately, Alfa may in fact still produce a new Spider, only now it looks like it'll be built on a different platform. This is the same modular rear-wheel-drive platform currently in development that'll also serve as the basis for the next Giulia, two crossovers and a sedan. It could also underpin future Dodge and Chrysler products as well (SRT Barracuda??). We'll provide more details once they're available.

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