Alpina 500hp BMW B6 Twin-turbo Convertible

Alpina is using a twin-turbo system on the B6 convertible for a 500hp output and a 193mph top speed.

Alipna's belle of the ball at Germany's premier auto show will come in the form of a BMW B6 sporting a twin-turbocharger. The BMW's stock 4.4-liter V8 has been tweaked and powered up to a solid 500hp and 516lb-ft of torque, up from the previous 443lb-ft. The B6 convertible will use its extra 100hp to hit a top speed of 193mph and sprint from 0-62mph in a respectable 4.8 seconds. Alpina claims their BMW will emit a nice 255g/km of CO2 emissions and have 25.9mpg fuel economy.

The Alpina BMW B6 convertible will debut at the 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show in a few weeks. Pricing and availability information will be released during the week's festivities.

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