Alpina Could Bridge The Gap Between BMW And Rolls-Royce

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The brand could combine the performance of M with enhanced luxury.

Alpina has long existed as an aftermarket tuning partner to BMW in a similar vein to what RUF has always been to Porsche, delivering uprated versions of existing vehicles. Alpina tends to increase performance and add a touch more luxury, but with BMW M handling the performance side of things and BMW Individual catering to the luxury aspect of its business, where will Alpina fit in now that BMW has acquired the brand? As speculated by WhichCar? recently, the best course of action appears to be to transform Alpina into a sort of niche-defining brand that can ask for more money than a typical BMW and provide the luxury and performance that buyers in that market expect. Such a thing is already evident in cars like the Alpina B4 Gran Coupe, but Alpina has even higher targets to reach.

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At present, the BMW 8 Series is the most luxurious sporty offering from BMW, but many have long contended that the nameplate ought to be a little more fabulous, providing more drama and a unique experience, just as the original E31 8 Series was and did. With Alpina in the conversation, cars like the 8 Series would not necessarily be reinvented, but they could evolve to offer the sort of otherworldly experience that something like a Rolls-Royce would, without breaking into that price bracket. Essentially, Alpina could (and probably should) bridge the gap between the ultra-exclusive, limited-production, high-end vehicles that Rolls-Royce produces and the sportier, relatively more affordable vehicles that BMW manufactures.

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The bottom line is that Alpina will not have to compete with BMW M and will slightly undercut Rolls-Royce, essentially fashioning new vehicles and its image on the same principles that helped it become an attractive acquisition in the first place, only with an even greater focus on bespoke extravagance. With the backing of BMW - which has agreed to fund Alpina's engineering services through at least 2030 - Alpina will be able to afford to transition to electrification and will have the added benefit of presenting unique takes on vehicles that BMW spent billions creating. We look forward to seeing more imaginative products too, possibly including extended-wheelbase variants of existing cars with added luxury, unique seating layouts, enhanced tech, and bespoke finishes for paint and leather et cetera. Alpina already has one of the finest wood and leather shops in the business, and with the added support of BMW, it will surely only go from strength to strength.

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Source Credits: WhichCar?

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