Alpina Teases The B5 Sedan, But Will It Be Able To Outgun The New M5?

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Place your bets because both will be out before we know it.

The release of the new G30 5 Series BMW means only one thing: that the M5 is coming sometime soon. Especially so now that Mercedes has a nuclear power duo in this segment thanks to the AMG E63 S sedan and wagon, though in the interest of not wanting to accidentally spill the beans on an upcoming product, BMW reps are understandably speaking on terms of "if" rather than "when" in regards to the M5. If that's maddening to you, then we have a nice little diversion from Alpina, our next favorite Bimmer tuner.

We already caught a glimpse of what will become the Alpina B5 testing on the race track while simultaneously wearing some not-in-BMW's-parts-catalogue rims that look cool enough to go into a music video without replacing. This proves to us that Alpina is doing what it does best: offering timeless style in conjunction with stomach-churning performance.

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Best of all is that the tuner has just made things official with its latest teaser video. In it, we see a camouflaged 5 Series turning a winter wonderland into its personal playground. If it emerges from the production facilities prior to the M5, we can expect it to outdo the M550i xDrive by quite a bit thanks to a dash of engine tuning. If it comes after, it'll be a bit of a toss up as to which car is most advanced. The Alpina will undoubtedly be the most luxurious, but the main issue with plush seats and carpeting is that it adds weight. Let's just agree to settle this when they're both out and available for a track workout, shall we?

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