Alpine Builds A110 Race Car Just To Make Us Jealous


The Alpine A110 Cup will compete in a European one-make race series.

Of all the cars announced this year, the Alpine A110 is near the top of the list of cars we wish were coming to the US. The sleek mid-engine sports car features a retro design inspired by the original A110 that dominated the Monte Carlo rally in the 1970s and a lightweight all-aluminum chassis and body that negates the need for a rear spoiler. Sadly, Alpine flat out refuses to bring its seductive sports car to America. And now the French automaker has revealed a hardcore A110 race car that looks even more appealing than the road car, just to make us jealous.

Dubbed the A110 Cup, Alpine’s race car will continue the manufacturer's racing heritage when it makes its track debut in 2018, where it will compete in a one-make race series called the Alpine Europa Cup. Alpine collaborated with Signatech, the brand’s partner in the FIA World Endurance Championship, during the car’s development. The championship will consist of six race meetings starting at Paul Ricard in June, before an unconfirmed location in Germany, Dijon-Prenois, Silverstone, and Spa. The championship will then culminate in Catalounya in late October. Each session consists of two practice sessions, two qualifying sessions and two races, each lasting 30 minutes.

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“The fact we have created the Alpine A110 Cup and a dedicated competition in which they will compete, the Alpine Europa Cup, is yet further evidence of our love of motor racing,” said Alpine's Bernard Ollivier. “We wanted the A110 Cup to be a genuine race car, a particularly refined machine equipped with high-end features geared towards performance. Alpine Europa Cup competitors will therefore be able to enjoy driving a very beautiful car, which will set new standards in terms of efficiency. The organization of the competition will also meet Alpine’s demanding requirements, featuring rigor and professionalism on the track, but a fun and friendly atmosphere in the paddock."

The Alpine Europa Cup will equally be used as a means of reaching out to our community of fans throughout Europe.” Alpine is building 20 A110 Cups for the first season. The design looks similar to the road-going version, with some added goodies to differentiate it including racing stripes, a small rear spoiler, and a ride height lowered by around 1.5 inches. Mechanically, the A110 Cup is powered by the same engine as the standard car with a custom air filter and an exhaust specially designed for racing that increases the power by 18 hp to 270 hp. The chassis features joint-welded subframes, revised rear upper wishbone mounting points, and a roll cage.

The interior has been stripped out enabling the car to shed around 117 pounds to 2,315 pounds, and the race car sits on four compression- and rebound-adjustable spring-shock absorbers supplied by Ohlins. The A110 Cup will cost 100,000 Euros ($116,365), but those looking to enter the competition series will also have to provide a 20,000 Euros ($23,273) deposit another 20,000 Euros in registration fees. Alpine estimates an entire season will cost less than 100,000 Euros which covers driver overalls, tools, communications and chassis and engine technical support. As an added incentive, Alpine promises the winner will be awarded “more than” 160,000 Euros ($186,184) in prize money.