Alpine F1 Is Looking For Investors To Help With Its Road Cars

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The French company needs money to speed up the development and sales of future road cars.

According to a new report from, the Alpine F1 Team is looking for investment to fund its road car division's future products, including electric sports cars and SUVs. To expand its range of vehicles, Alpine needs Renault - currently considering a new alliance with Nissan - to raise capital.

This news was revealed in a capital markets day presentation named "Renaulution, now Revolution." The part of the presentation concerning Alpine had the following to say: "Alpine is set to expand globally with half of its future growth outside of Europe [by] leveraging commercial partnerships and investor support. Alpine is open to [capitalizing] on the financial valuation of its F1 Team assets."

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Simply put, the Renault Group would welcome investment offers for its F1 team and use these monies to fund future growth.

However, Alpine says there is "no talk of an IPO or outright sale of the team." The French company recognizes the benefits offered by association with F1, and its CEO feels that the premiere form of motorsport is a crucial pillar of the company's growth in Europe and elsewhere.

Some have speculated that Lotus could join forces with Alpine to once again compete in F1, but this is likely just a knee-jerk piece of speculation that gels with the announcement that Lotus and Alpine will collaborate on an electric sports car soon.


Alpine's French alternative to the Porsche 718 Cayman - the light and nimble A110 - continues to be part of the brand's plans, as are segment alternatives to the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, respectively. With these new vehicles, Alpine has a real chance of getting into the American market, and success here would set the brand up nicely for an even more ambitious future powered by hydrogen.

Alpine will have two French drivers in F1 next season, guaranteeing its popularity in its home country.

Still, more importantly, its fourth-place finish this season has made it a serious contender and confirmed its place as the best of the rest going into 2023. With these factors at play, we doubt Alpine will be looking for investment for too long.

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