Alpine Finally Gives Us The A110 We Always Wanted

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Just not for America once again.

Alpine's new-ish Porsche Cayman competitor is a fantastic thing. At least, so we've heard, as the car still isn't sold in America. Given the Alpine A110's rally roots, we always pined after a rally-inspired version of the mid-engine car. Fortunately, Alpine has given the rest of the world just that: the Alpine A110 Tour de Corse 75. Only 150 will be made, and it's a bit of a mouthful, but it's also 99% of the rally A110 we've always dreamed of. Alpine built it as a tribute to the OG A110's running in the Tour de Corse rally.

We say 99% because, despite its 300 horsepower and retro rally livery, it lacks one critical aspect needed to make this special edition A110 a true tribute to the A110 rally cars of yesteryear.

Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine

That 1% is comprised entirely of a lack of true rally car suspension. Alpine makes a number of changes to make this more motorsports car than sports car, but suspension travel capable of taking sweet jumps isn't one. Still. It's really spectacular, and we're jealous of Euro enthusiasts.

Most of the changes consist of that iconic Alpine livery, derived from the OG rally car you see in the gallery. That includes black and white graphics similar to those on the OG car, and a number 7 stamped on the rear bumper as an homage to the #7 Berlinette racer that took part in the 1975 Tour de Corse rally. Of course, there are also those rad 18 inch white Grand Prix wheels and orange calipers.

Evidently, this model is also a special edition and makes note of that on the inside. That means a special plaque to tell you which one of the 150 cars you own, as well as special yellow door inserts. The seats also have "Tour de Corse 75" stitched into them, and look extra aggressive, perfect for pounding tarmac in your almost-rally-car. EU buyers will also be happy this car includes Alpine's new updated infotainment system from 2022 model year A110s.

Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine

So, what's all this rally-infused, mid-engined goodness run you? A measly $70,531 USD. Of course, to really make this a rally car, you'll need another few grand in special rally-grade suspension and paint-protection film. It might sound like we're nitpicking, but take a look at the difference in suspension travel between the original Berlinette A110 and the tribute car.

We've got the same gripe for the Subaru WRX. Why sell a rally car for the road without rally car suspension geometry? Whinging aside, this is a seriously amazing tribute car that even Porsche would be jealous of.

Alpine Alpine Alpine Alpine

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