Already? 2020 Maserati GT Garbin

We knew that automakers often release details of a new model up to a year before going on sale, but this time someone is nearly a decade ahead of schedule. The GT Garbin is a design study for a future Maserati sports coupe by three design students for their Masters degree in Transportation and Automobile Design. They were sponsored by the Fiat Group. Drawing inspiration from the Maserati Ghibli that was built between 1967 to 1973, they managed avoid going completely retro.

Instead, it has surface language inspired by the Prive 2010 Collection by Armani, featuring "solid surfaces combined with floating elements reminiscent of the Opera Theatre of Valencia." The Garbin, named from a southwestern summer wind in Italy, has the typical Maserati grille up front, along with doors that slide forward to open. The designers gave the interior plenty of luminescent materials and backlighting surfaces. The center console and tunnel form one piece that extends back to the rear seats.

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