Altair ProductDesign and Studio X-Gene Develop Electric Concept

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Impressive collaborative effort results in the pure-electric Avant GT.

The product development division of Altair ProductDesign has teamed up with Studio X-Gene, the Taiwanese automotive design consultancy, to develop an electric concept vehicle revealed at this year's Shanghai Auto Show, which took place last April. The pair, along with technological partners Delta Electronics, Wistron and Qisda, initiated the Avant GT project and for a first effort the results are pretty impressive.

There's nothing unnecessarily pretentious about the design, which has focused on making the 'pure electric sports grand lightweight as possible', a feat that's been achieved by combining a minimum mass aluminum alloy body with carbon fiber components. Weighing in at a mere 3,527 pounds, it's substantially lighter than the majority of electric, battery-driven cars in its range, whilst meeting all safety and structural requirements. Of their innovation, Richard Yen, VP of Altair ProductDesign, and Albert Yang, Executive Director of Studio X-GENE, commented that:

"As concern about future fuel prices continues to rise, automotive OEMs and customers alike are exploring the advantages that electric vehicles offer. We are pleased to lend our automotive engineering and testing expertise to the development of a new generation of innovative passenger vehicles." "Combining our design knowledge with Altair's engineering and optimization expertise has allowed us to deliver this exciting, high-performance new vehicle." Talk is cheap however, and before we know its price and when it will go on sale, it's hard to opine whether it represents a worthwhile purchase. Only time will tell.

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