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Amazing Race: Lamborghini Aventador Takes on the F16 Fighting Falcon

File this under the ‘Epic Drag Race’ category.

When Top Gear pitted a Bugatti Veyron against the Euro Fighter Typhoon aircraft back in 2007, much was made about these two speed demons testing their capabilities against each other in a straight line. This latest clip goes into that category of 'Epic Drag Races,' wherein a Lamborghini Aventador takes on the F16 Fighting Falcon off the line. Yes, we all know that the F16 Fighting Falcon was built for speed in the air, however watching it blast its thrusters off the line against the Aventador's 690hp V12 on the airway is still quite a sight.

The race was put on by Danish firm Bil Magasinet and the impressive race was shot terrifically with cameras affixed all around the flagship Italian supercar and even in the cockpit of the F16.

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