Amazing Wireframe Auto Art

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Your mind isn't fooling you; these wire sculptures are the work of one extremely talented British artist.

Benedict Radcliffe creates car art that is barely there. He is a British artist who has brought the wireframe car sculpture to the forefront of pop culture. Radcliffe's art is renowned for its quality and lifelike appearance. So what makes him so unique and different from what other artists are currently doing? He has turned nearly all styles of cars into wireframe sculptures. If you have never seen a Benedict Radcliffe work, then you're in for a treat.

The wireframe Subaru Impreza PR1 is perhaps Radcliffe's best known work. The wireframe Impreza took the world by storm when it debuted in 2005. The car was made using 10mm steel round bar and sprayed a striking arctic white.

Radcliffe's wireframe Impreza captured the attention of Toyota, with the company commissioning the artist to create a wireframe Corolla in 2007 for a commercial. The resulting sculpture is perhaps the coolest Toyota's subcompact sedan has ever looked and really shows just how adept Radcliffe is at his craft.

Forget everything you know about automotive art before you check out the wireframe Lamborghini Countach. Radcliffe's most successful work is a steel-wire supercar that looks more like it belongs in "TRON" than in the real world. The artist's lovely Lambo sculpture was created in 2008 and put on the auction block in 2011 for a cool $65,000.

There's a good chance that the Land Rover Evoque wouldn't do be as successful as it is if Benedict Radcliffe had not created a wireframe model of it. The wireframe Land Rover Evoque was built for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and was designed to show off the Evoque's customization options.

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