Amazingly You Can Still Buy McLaren's Most Powerful Supercar Ever Made


But the few that are left cost $3 million apiece.

McLaren has been having a great last few years. All of its new models have been well-received and some just can't be built fast enough to satisfy demand. That's exactly what has happened with the P1 GTR, the track-only version of the P1. A whopping 375 P1s were made and those were quickly snapped up. The GTR was first offered to existing P1 owners and was so popular that McLaren had to move up its production timetable. That being said you can still get your hands on one.

Yes, amazingly there are three P1 GTRs left to order (42 out of the 45 have been bought). The last GTR is set to have a bare carbon fiber body, which means millionaires may engage in a game of chicken to see who gets the coveted No. 45. If you have a spare $3,060,000 just hanging out then you need to get down to your local McLaren dealership right away. Or just take your private jet or helicopter, whatever is faster.

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