Amazon And Hyundai Team Up To Make Car Buying More Fun


Who really has time to go to a dealership for a test drive anyway?

Going to a dealership to buy a car kind of sucks. In fact, it's amazing that in today's tech-filled age we still have to go to a physical location and deal with a potentially sleazy sales person in order to buy a car. But that could all be changing thanks to a new partnership between Hyundai and Amazon. The latter is rolling out a new program called "Prime Now Drive Now" that will let Amazon Prime members schedule a test drive for a 2017 Hyundai Elantra. The catch is that the test drive isn't at a dealership.

No, instead of trekking out to your local Hyundai lot the car will be delivered to you by a trained expert, someone who may or may not work for the automaker or one of its dealerships. The person who ordered the Elantra test drive will get 45 to 60 minutes with it. Should the test driver wish to buy the car afterwards the trained expert will (more than happily we assume) help them find a local dealership. The service is being run on a trial period over two weekends and will only be available to those living in Los Angeles and Orange County. That's the bad news. The good news is that, should you live in one of these two locations, ordering an Elantra for a test drive is ridiculously easy.

Once you've entered in an approved zip code you can book a time for your test drive. After selecting a time you just need to provide contact and dropoff information. As part of the agreement Amazon says you may be filmed, so if you're particularly freaked out by the awesomeness that is the 2017 Elantra you may end up on YouTube. Whether or not this idea takes off after this initial trial run is anyone's guess. We wouldn't be shocked to see more automakers copy it, though, either with or without the help of Amazon. Having a test drive start and end at your driveway would significantly alter the car-buying experience and could ensure that only those truly ready to haggle over the sales price and then sign on the dotted line visit dealerships.

Morgan J Segal

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