Amazon Is About Make BMW A Whole Lot Easier To Live With

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Thanks to some intelligent Alexa voice commands.

Amazon has done a lot to make our lives easier. It's hard to even remember life without free two-day shipping. The tech giant has recently expressed interest in improving the car buying process, but will start off in the auto industry by fixing one of the most annoying features on modern cars: voice control. Amazon announced a partnership to include its Alexa voice command on BMW models. This was an exciting announcement, because in-car voice commands have been one of the most infuriating things about modern car infotainment.

An app called BMW Connected Skill has been available for Amazon Echo, which allows users to ask about vehicle information such as fuel level or charge. Now we can get a better idea of how Alexa will work in the actual car.

In the video, we see a driver sliding an M4 around an aircraft carrier that has been turned into a race track (which is obviously something that most people do). The driver is able to ask Alexa to set a timer for 30 seconds, turn on his favorite song, tell him the current weather, order a pizza and even open a garage door all while keeping his hands on the wheel. The system will utilize a built-in SIM card, so it won't rely on a smartphone. This feature will also be available on Mini models, but there is no word on whether Rolls-Royce owners should expect to get this helpful feature. Expect to see Alexa in all BMW vehicles starting mid-2018 in the US, UK and Germany.

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