Amazon's Newest Commercial Excites With Jeremy Clarkson And Drones

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Who knew that drones and Clarkson could be such an awesome combo?

If you haven't heard already, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond have a new show on Amazon Prime called The Grand Tour. The show is set to begin on November 18, and Amazon has Clarkson hard at work promoting the show as well as the company's other products. We have already seen Clarkson star in commercials for the Fire TV stick where he takes a shot at his former employer, and another commercial where he pitches Amazon's amazing new drone delivery service.

Amazon's latest commercial combines both the Fire TV stick and the new drone service with some hilarious Jeremy Clarkson absurdity. Clarkson declares that the Fire TV stick is so good that he wants to send them to continental Europe using Amazon's drones.

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We wouldn't mind buying an Amazon Fire TV stick because it would allow us to watch our favorite trio of car nuts from the UK. If you do want to watch The Grand Tour in November, make sure that you sign up for Amazon Prime so that you will have access to the show.

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