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Amazon Will Now Deliver A Volvo Straight To Your Door

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But there are a few catches.

If you're subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can buy products online and have them delivered in a matter of hours. Taking this a step further, Volvo has teamed up with the online retail giant to offer a revolutionary new service. Soon, certain customers will be able to book a test drive with Volvo online through Amazon Prime Now and have the car delivered straight to their door without ever having to walk into a dealership. Once an order has been placed, a trained Volvo employee will bring the car to your door and accompany you on a test drive.

As convenient as the service sounds, there are a few setbacks. For now, the service is only being offered in the UK across four major cities: London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh. If that wasn't already restrictive, the service will only be active during "select weekends" during June and July and is only being offered for the Volvo V40. Test drives last 45 minutes, and if the customer is interested in buying the model, they can continue the process at a dealership. "At Volvo, we aim to make people's lives easier," said Volvo UK boss Jon Wakefield.

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Our Prime Now test drive offer does just that, allowing potential customers to try our V40 on their terms and in familiar surroundings. We're proud to team up with Amazon to deliver this unique initiative — the first of its kind in the UK and the latest in a range of offerings from Volvo designed to take the hassle out of running a car." According to Autocar, Volvo is not planning to extend the service beyond the confirmed dates but could offer it with other models if the trial is successful. For now the project is on a small scale, but it could offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of car shopping.

Volvo is already trying to revolutionize how we buy and own cars with its monthly Care By Volvo subscription service, so buying cars online and having them delivered would be the next logical step.