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Amazon Will Now Deliver Right To Your Ford Or Lincoln Vehicle

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It's never been easier to have a package delivered.

Amazon has majorly changed consumers' shopping patterns - its two-day delivery renders trips to brick-and-mortar stores almost completely unnecessary. Why go out shopping when you can have everything you need simply delivered right to your doorstep, right? While Amazon's delivery process is excellent, there are a few faults. Sometimes boxes are too large to fit in a mailbox or be accepted by a building staff member, so they are left on the front porch. This means important deliveries can be susceptible to weather conditions, temperature, or being stolen or broken.

In order to make its deliveries even more secure, Amazon has teamed up with Ford to offer in-car deliveries. Ford now becomes the second automaker to offer this ability after General Motors announced the same feature back in 2018.

Since the idea is rather new, it may seem odd to have Amazon packages delivered to a car rather than a house. But the idea does start to make sense once you think about it. Having a package delivered to a car means it will be more secure than if it was dropped off at the front door. Not only does a car trunk offer far more space than a mailbox but it can also protect the package from weather and would-be thieves. It also means you can easily have a package delivered to work or practically any other location.

Key by Amazon is now available for select 2017 and later model year Ford vehicles equipped with FordPass Connect and for 2018 and later model year Lincoln vehicles equipped with Lincoln Connect. You do have to live in a city where Key by Amazon is available if you wish to use the service. As of now, the service is available in 50 US cities and you can view the list on Amazon's website.

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Ford and Lincoln owners will receive alerts before the package is delivered, followed by an alert of the delivery along with a confirmation that the vehicle has been locked. Owners can even change their mind about the delivery by locking the car, in which case the package will be delivered to the building or the delivery can be rescheduled.

In addition to the Amazon delivery feature, Ford and Lincoln have also introduced the ability to have the car washed by Spiffy, Rub A Dub and Sparkl. These car wash services are only available in select cities but can come to wherever the car is parked to clean it inside and out. No more waiting in line at the carwash.