Ambulances Get Crash Tested Too In Case They Carry The World's Unluckiest Person

Your car may save you in a crash, but so will this ambulance in case you crash again.

Some people have bad luck and crash nice cars on their wedding day, and still others have luck so bad that they need to wrap themselves in bubble wrap just to stay alive. For the unluckier of us, it may be a relief to know that passenger cars aren’t the only vehicles that are crash tested. Ambulances get their own round of battering and crash testing in order to see how badly someone who is already injured will get injured if the ambulance were to be involved in another crash.

Watch below to see how a dummy patient is protected in case of a crash. No word on the safety features for the paramedics though, which seems dumb given that they are the most capable of helping the injured if the ambulance crashes.

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