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Amelia Island Auction Ferry Floats with Ferraris Worth $160 Million

How do $160 worth of Ferraris and assorted supercars get to Amelia Island? They take a ferry, of course.

Gooding and Co.'s latest auction at Amelia Island featured some incredible cars being sold for impressive sums of money, such as the Porsche 550 Spyder and the Cord L-29. In order to get to the swanky establishment, all the incredible models needed to take a ferry. Let's Make Media photog Justin Lapriore snapped these incredible photos, commenting "The group blew past us at full song. We hopped in the car and chased them to the Mayport ferry, we were the last car onto the ferry with the GTOs."

He continued, "We paraded out to the naval/air station at Mayport, the group parked in a back lot and went inside for some time, the cars were all ours for 45 mins or so." Talk about a Ferrari fantasy full of 250 GTOs. Check out the gallery below.

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