America Got Screwed With the BMW E36 M3

And for whatever reason, the fog lights liked to fall out.

Ok, yes, the BMW E36 M3 was the first M3 to be powered by a straight-six engine, which was good for about 282 horsepower. Well, in Europe at least. The US model, which arrived in 1995, had the same wonderful engine, only with less power. US owners were stuck with 240 hp and even a different suspension setup. The US-spec E36 M3 didn’t totally suck, but its European counterpart was definitely the better performance car.

So what were some of the E36 M3’s biggest flaws? Leave it to the guys at Regular Car Reviews to find such eloquent use of the English language and various forms of sexual innuendo to describe them. Some E36 M3 fans will likely be offended, but isn’t that the point?

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