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America's Biggest Automaker Has A New President

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The guy's a Detroit native and a certified car nut.

Car Guys versus Bean Counters. That's how Bob Lutz famously summed up the battle being forever waged at the top ranks of the automotive industry. And we bet he's glad to see the genuine Car Guy that General Motors has named as its new president.

The role now falls to Mark Reuss, the Detroit native who's risen up the ranks at GM since starting out as a student intern back in 1983. In the decades since, Reuss has held some of the company's top jobs – including the role of product development chief that he's held until now.

We could hardly even begin to name all the vehicles that Reuss has ushered into production over the course of his long career, which lamentably included the monstrosity known as the Pontiac Aztek. But one of his most notable achievements was surely the creation of the GM Performance division in 2001, giving rise to such models as the Chevy SS and Cadillac CTS-V – to say nothing of all the Corvettes and Camaros that followed. In fact his first car was a '67 Camaro that he bought and restored himself.

Reuss was named head of the Cadillac brand just this past summer.

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Now he'll be stepping into one of the biggest offices at GM's Renaissance Center, second only to chairman/CEO Mary Barra – a promotion whose path was paved when previous president Dan Ammann was appointed head of the Cruise division.

"Mark’s global operational experience, deep product knowledge and strong leadership will serve us well as we continue to strengthen our current business, take advantage of growth opportunities and further define the future of personal mobility,” said Barra. "Mark has played a critical role in leading the development of the company’s award-winning vehicles while transitioning his team to prepare for growing electrification and autonomous technologies.”