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There's nothing funny about the traffic. At least there isn't until Bob Herzog gets his jazz hands on the news.

Traffic reports on the news are seldom funny. Sexy, maybe, depending on the reporter any given station gets to deliver the news on the air. But funny? Meet Bob Herzog, the dancing traffic reporter on WKRC's "Good Morning Cincinnati" (not to be confused with the 80s sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati", which was never as funny as this guy.) When our friends over at Jalopnik ran a contest to find the sexiest traffic reporter in America, the nominees were mostly buxom beauties of the opposite gender, but it was Herzog who got the vote.

Bob has found humorous ways of presenting the traffic report, even resorting to a rendition of "Traffic Man" that would make Elton John smile. And at the end of every week - don't ask us why - he has a Friday Dance Party segment. His videos have gone viral, and now he's put together this three-minute compilation clip of some of his funniest on-air antics.

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