America Takes On Europe In Drag Racing Special

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It is not a tuned car video if there isn't dubstep in it.

How well can Mustangs and Camaros fare against Europe's finest? Pretty dang well, actually. Wheel manufacturer ADV.1 proves as much with a dubstep-filled video featuring everything from the C7 Corvette Z06 to a modified Lamborghini Aventador. For the most part the video shows off ADV.1's wheel lineup on a wide array of cars, including two badass modified Ford Fiesta STs a McLaren 12C Spyder and one brave S63 AMG. Stellar camera work and nice editing only heighten the atmosphere of the video, though we aren't high on the soundtrack.

Old and new are blended seamlessly here. A legendary Buick Grand National GNX does a smoke-filled burnout while a C7 'Vette lurks menacingly behind. The drag racing is only part of the fun. Rolling shots featuring Lamborghinis Huracan are also present.

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