American Chiropractors Hate Volvo's New Seats

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The luxurious chairs could be bad for business.

Volvo recently became the first automotive manufacturer to receive an official endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The endorsement is for Volvo's ergonomically-designed seats, and it's applicable for every model between May 2022 to May 2023.

According to the ACA's website, it is the "largest professional chiropractic organization in the United States," and it only attracts the "most principled and accomplished chiropractors." Basically, Volvo is the new Colgate. But instead of nine out of ten dentists recommending the famous toothpaste, all of the chiropractors recommend you buy a Volvo, even if it means they get less money from your newfound lack of back problems.

We jest, but this is serious business. The ACA hands out an endorsement after a series of reviews, analysis, testing, and evaluation by a bunch of chiropractors. Only then does it get final approval from ACA's Board of Governors.

Volvo Volvo

"Seats designed by Volvo Cars ensure drivers and passengers never have to sacrifice comfort, design, or safety when on the road," said Jim Nichols, head of product and technology consumer offer at Volvo Car USA. "We're thrilled to be recognized by the American Chiropractic Association with an endorsement that reaffirms our industry-leading approach."

Volvo has a long history with seat-related stuff. It famously invented the three-point seatbelt in 1959, saving countless lives in the process. It remains one of the most significant contributions to the automotive industry to this day.

Over the years, Volvo invented unique head restraints that minimize the risk of whiplash and energy-absorbing seats as part of its Run Off-Road Mitigation safety feature. All Volvo seats also have integrated side-impact protection.

Volvo Volvo

None of these safety features come at the expense of comfort. When the Scandinavian manufacturer needs to design a new seat, it collaborates with orthopedic surgeons to offer industry-leading comfort and support. We can vouch for Volvo on this one. While the new S-Class is nice, you haven't experienced true comfort until you've lowered yourself into the heated and ventilated driver's seat of a Volvo S90 for a seven-hour road trip and emerged at the other end feeling completely fresh.

The quality of the leather is sublime as well. Our man Ian Wright described the interior of the S90 and its seats perfectly by comparing it to the interior of a high-end Scandinavian coffee shop. Comfortable, relaxing, warm, and safe.


Unfortunately, Volvo recently announced that it's moving away from genuine leather. All upcoming electric vehicles will be leather-free, and Volvo will use high-quality and sustainable alternatives instead. The Swedish brand's new seats will be constructed from Nordico, a new material made from recycled PET bottles, bio-attributed material from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland, and corks recycled from the wine industry. It remains to be seen whether these seats will receive the same accolade, which, as mentioned earlier, is only valid for one year.

We prefer Bentley's approach to environmentally friendly leather. The British brand simply moved the cows closer to its factory, which means the delivery process emits less harmful emissions.

Volvo Volvo

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