American LaFerraris Are Being Recalled For Two Reasons You May Find Stupid


Is the government being overprotective here?

It seems like supercars always get recalled for the silliest of reasons. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found fault with, wait for it, the headrests of the LaFerrari. The agency says the headrests don't absorb the right amount of energy in a crash which could lead to injury. A total of 85 Ferraris with L32 seats are being recalled by Ferrari of North America. Another recall has been issued due to a problem with the tire pressure monitoring system.

The current system notifies drivers that tire pressure is low and to not drive above 50 mph. "The incorrect message may cause the driver to continue driving on a punctured tire, causing loss of vehicle control, and increasing the risk of a crash," NHTSA said. Both recalls will begin in June. Is the NHTSA going crazy with these recalls or are they legitimate safety concerns? Let us know in the comments! Pro tip: If you happen to own a LaFerrari your opinion will carry more weight.

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