Muscle Car

American Muscle Cars in Arabia

Americans aren't the only ones who love mighty V8s at the drag strip.

The notion of muscle cars ripping up the streets of any country other than America may strike some enthusiasts as odd. After all, the notion of a two-door coupe with a big V8 driving the rear wheels at an attainable price that can handle the drag strip as well as the daily commute is about as American as it gets. But the truth is that classic Detroit iron is loved around the world. So with gas prices jumping as fast as a classic big-block jumping off the line, is it any surprise that classic muscle cars have gained a following in Arabia?

Photographer Ebrahim Alawadi loves to capture the best moments of great cars in his native Kuwait. As we can see in some of these samples from his photo gallery, muscle cars are especially popular in his part of the world as enthusiasts there hold them in especially high regard. Check out the images and see for yourself some of America's finest export examples.

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