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Forget those old Lincoln Town Car limos.

An Audi R8 limo and a Ferrari Limo are nice, but they are nowhere near as awesome as a stretched American muscle car. European supercar limos have been nabbing all of the headlines as of late, but it finally appears as if America is ready to snatch back the spotlight. That is good, as there is nothing more anti-American than riding in a Ferrari limo when there is a perfectly good Viper limo somewhere out there.

There's a good chance that only one stretch Dodge Viper RT may be in existence. That may be one too many depending on how much of a Viper purist you consider yourself to be. This limo was built by Unique Movie Cars and can seat a whopping 12 people. No word on its 0 to 60 time.

What happens when you add 140 inches to a Dodge Challenger SRT8? You get the Challenger SRT8 limo. This massive people movie was made by L.A. Custom Coach Inc. and features a full bar and a row of not-so-comfortable looking seats.

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Very few Mustang limos exist in the wild, which is probably a good thing. This stretch Mustang is operated by Ontario's (Canada) Preferred Limousine. Several more Mustang limos exist throughout North America, with one even appearing on the eBay auction block. Looks like four-door Mustangs exist after all.

"Steal" is the best way to describe this stretch Camaro. This limo has an all-black exterior and a futuristic, LED-filled interior. The asking price for this limousine is a mere $30,000, or about what you would pay to drive an optioned-out Camaro off the lot. "Steal."

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