American Muscle Meets Italian Design - The Puritalia 427 Teased

A new Italian sports car is set to hit the market next year.

Puritalia has created a new sports car set to go into production in 2013. The 427 draws inspiration from the legendary Shelby Cobra and is meant to combine American muscle with Italian design for a unique and refreshing ride that they hope will provide plenty of interest and sales. The new 427 sports car will take its motivation in the form of a V8 engine rated at 439hp. A more powerful supercharged version of the V8 could put out around 600hp, a number sure to impress even the most ardent of skeptics.

From the teaser, we can derive that it will utilize a large grille, vents on the front fenders and integrated LED headlights for impressive styling and maximum impact on the streets. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame and body, it could weigh in at under 2,205lbs. The Puritalia 427 sports car is slated to go into production early next year with a debut sure to come towards the end of this year. We have heard rumblings that it could debut as soon as the Paris Motor Show in September.

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