Americans Are Embracing Formula One Like Never Before

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Last weekend's race was the second most-viewed US Grand Prix ever.

According to a report on Racer, the recent US Grand Prix was the second-most viewed US Grand Prix ever. The record for the highest ratings is still held by the 2007 Grand Prix at Indianapolis n 2007. To be fair, that particular race was F1's first visit to Indianapolis in eight years.

The US has a complicated history with F1 racing, and rightly so. The infamous 2005 race where only six cars competed did tremendous damage to F1's credibility. But F1 has since done its best to make up for it. Next year, there will be two Grand Prix races in the USA, following the confirmation of the Miami Grand Prix.

The live crowd was already impressive, said to be 400,000 strong. Unfortunately, it also turned out to be a super spreader event of note.

Red Bull
Red Bull
Red Bull
Red Bull

1.2 million viewers tuned in at home to watch Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton duke it out on ABC. The 2007 Grand Prix averaged 1.4 million viewers on Fo. When you include all Grand Prix races worldwide, the recent US Grand Prix only drops to third place. This is irrefutable proof that there is still a healthy appetite for F1 in the USA.

Delving deeper into the figures, the US Grand Prix attracted 1.5 million viewers from the start of the race to the podium ceremony. That makes it the most-watched of the season so far. The French Grand Prix attracted 1.1 million viewers, while 1 million viewers tuned in to watch the British Grand Prix. Unfortunately, there are no figures for the Monza Grand Prix, where McLaren hit back with an epic One-Two, and a limited edition 720S.

Red Bull
Red Bull
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Compared to the 2019 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, viewership is up by 43%. The season as a whole is currently sitting at 945,000 viewers per race, which is a 55% increase from 2020.

That's still some way off the 16.66 million people who tune in to watch Sunday Night Football on NBC, but every bit helps.

What is the reason behind the recent influx in interest? As we've said before, Netflix's famous series, Drive to Survive, has done wonders for the sport. Before DTS came along, it was simply a bunch of drivers well-versed in PR racing around for two hours. Thanks to DTS, we now have a bit of background and drama to go with the spectacle that is F1.

Mercedes F1
Mercedes F1
Mercedes F1
Source Credits: Racer

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