Americans Are Loving Them VW Diesels

Over 100,000 diesel-powered VW models were sold to US buyers in 2013.

There was a time not so long ago that mainstream American car buyers had no interest in buying a diesel. Memories of black and smelly smoke from diesels brought over in the early 1980s proved to remain a bad memory. Fortunately we’re in a completely new era of diesels today, and Volkswagen decided to take a sales chance with diesels. US buyers responded in kind. The German automaker recently announced that over 100,000 diesel-models were sold to US buyers in 2013.

This number actually exceeds expectations and accounts for both VW and Audi-branded models combined. Specific models included the always popular Jetta TDI along with much more expensive offerings such as the Audi Q7. All told the automaker offered 12 diesel-powered models, and sold a staggering 75 percent of all passenger diesels in the US this past year. Competing automakers will certainly face an uphill battle if they have any desire to take the diesel crown.

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