Americans Can See The Lexus LFA Successor Next Month

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We can't wait to see this in the metal.

At the end of last year, we got told that Toyota and Lexus had a total of 16 new concepts in the works as part of their push toward electrification. The most intriguing of these is undoubtedly that which is being touted as an electric successor to the inimitable LFA supercar. Called the Lexus Electrified Sport Concept, this new beast has the same sort of proportions as the Lexus LC, yet it manages to extract even more sex appeal from the shape. Lexus showed it off at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed across the pond in England, but we don't have to take a Brit's word for how it looks in the metal much longer as Lexus has quietly confirmed that the car is coming to America.

Lexus JP/YouTube

The news comes via a video from Lexus Japan's YouTube channel. The unboxing video shows a large crate with the words "Deliver to Goodwood Festival of Speed" being painted on it. That crate is then opened and we see the gorgeous concept car on its stand at the British motoring extravaganza. But at the end of the video, the crate is closed again, and new delivery instructions are painted upon it. After its first public appearance took place at the spectacular Goodwood event, its first showing on American soil needed to be just as special, so the glamorous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance was selected. This year, the event will return to Pebble Beach, California, on August 21.


The main attraction will be the car's swoopy styling, but Lexus says the concept will be quick too, getting from 0-62 mph "in the low two-second range." In addition, a range of 430 miles has been promised. However, the display at Goodwood was purely static, so we did not get to see the car run in any way. The Pebble Beach Concours and its surrounding attractions are typically characterized as a celebration of design, so don't expect to see the car driving around there either.

The car's arrival in California should be seen as a sign that Lexus wants to offer the ultimate production version of this car to the American market. When that will happen is another question altogether - Lexus intends to use solid-state batteries here.


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