Americans Can't Stop Buying BMW iX SUVs

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That's a good and a bad thing.

BMW may not have kept up with the rapid development pace of all-electric vehicles but it's making up for lost time right now. The BMW iX SUV and i4 sedan recently debuted and are set to arrive in dealerships for the 2022 model year. Like Porsche with its wildly popular Taycan, BMW has been seeing incredible demand for the iX.

BMW's official website states first model year allocation for the SUV has been sold out through June 2022. Those who haven't already placed deposits, the earliest you can now get one is about a year from now, and that's assuming there will be no delays. Interestingly, the German automaker didn't state how many iXs are to be delivered by early next summer.

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For now, only the fully-loaded iX xDrive50 trim is available, which means a total of 523 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque. Total range on a single charge is 300 miles. A $1,500 refundable deposit is required to go towards the $80,000 or so total price. That's a very high price to pay and BMW is quite aware of this.

We recently reported there's a good chance the less expensive iX xDrive40 trim will go on sale in March 2022, though customer deliveries won't happen at that time. The xDrive40, already available in Europe, packs a 70-kWh battery pack instead of the xDrive50's 111.5-kWh unit.

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Still, the xDrive40 boasts an impressive 300 hp and a 249-mile range. Owners will also be able to benefit from the same 200-kW charging speed as the xDrive50, which translates to a 10 to 80 percent battery charge in just under 40 minutes. The iX is a vital model for BMW and is set to face some tough competition from the likes of the Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, and the also upcoming Rivian R1S.

Looking even further ahead into the iX's future, an even more powerful and luxurious M60 model is in the cards. It'll probably debut sometime next year as a 2023 model.

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