Americans Drove How Many Trillions Of Miles In 2015?


Enough to set a new record.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Americans drove a record 3.148 trillion miles last year. This breaks the record from 2007 of 3.003 trillion miles. How far would that take you? You could get to Pluto and back 337 times! Another way of imagining it is that Americans drove around the Earth over 126 million times in a year. With all these miles being driven, it is good to know that the recently enacted Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act will invest $305 billion into transportation infrastructure over the next five years.

In Decemeber Americans drove a total of 268.5 billion miles, up four percent over 2014. California led the nation in increased driving with an increase of 11.3 percent from last year. See, drivers from that state have legitimate complaints about traffic! This new record show that cars as we know them aren't disappearing any time soon. Although alternative transportation solutions are being researched, it seems that the good 'ol fashioned car is still the best way to get around in America.

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