America's Biggest Automaker Doubles Down On Its Bold Plan

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GM is not messing around here.

Automotive technologies are advancing faster than ever, driven by a number of factors, among them safety and environmental. Cutting emissions has become the chief goal and going all-electric is the key to doing so. General Motors, America's biggest automaker, realized this new reality under the leadership of CEO Mary Barra.

The company that produced the Chevy Corvette, Camaro, and many other sports and muscle cars, trucks and SUVs, is now taking direct aim at becoming an all-electric automaker. You read that right. The upcoming GMC Hummer EV will only be the first fully electrified truck and there have even been rumors the next Camaro may ditch internal combustion for batteries.

Speaking to Automobile Magazine, GM Vice President for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, Ken Morris, made clear his belief the automaker will make a complete transition to EVs in the not too distant future.


"Our future's electric," he said. "You'll start to see some vehicles going away and frankly it's already happening a little bit. I see for sure a day when we're all-electric, and how many years is that from now? Maybe sooner than people would think."

Bear in mind the automaker's only pure EV right now is the Chevy Bolt, which launched in 2016. Obviously this won't be the case for much longer as the Bolt CUV, Hummer, and Cadillac Lyriq are on their way. However, there's still a significant issue GM knows it must overcome, pricing. EVs are typically more expensive than their ICE counterparts, an issue that rightly discourages buyers.

Morris acknowledged this and admitted GM is currently working on ways to bring down battery costs and to offer a greater variety of EVs in several segments.


"On a daily basis we're talking about how we drive that down. It's going to have a broad band of price entry points. That'll come very quickly between now and 2025." Higher-priced EVs like the Hummer and Lyriq will, for the short term, help GM recoup some of the costs required for EV tech. The new modular Ultium battery system will power the planned 10 new EVs slated to launch by 2025 and this should help reduce some costs. The 400-plus mileage range and quick recharging capabilities will also lure customers.

Above all, GM is moving at full-speed ahead with these EV projects despite the coronavirus pandemic forcing designers and engineers to work from home. "We know what we're doing is different than anything else that's out there right now. So, that's all I could tell you," Morris summed up.

2017-2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Front View Chevrolet
Source Credits: Automobile Magazine

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