Electrify America's EV Charging Network Is Exploding

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The charging network provider more saw huge gains in 2021.

With the rapid growth of the EV market, manufacturers have had to invest heavily in charging infrastructure across the globe. And with demand only growing, companies are building charging stations in greater numbers, and with better efficiency than ever before. Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, has been a key player in this race for EV charging coverage and plans to have over 10,000 chargers operating in the US by 2025. To give you an idea of just how fast this industry is growing, Electrify America recently released some growth statistics, and the message is pretty clear: electric is booming.

Electrify America currently has 800 EV charging stations in operation, nearly 3,500 individual chargers online, and offers its customers the largest ultra-fast DC charging network around with up to 150 kW and 350 kW chargers.

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The company claims that it recorded 1.45 million charging sessions in 2021, a gigantic leap from the mere 268,000 sessions recorded in 2020. According to Electrify America, this saved American road users 5.7 million gallons of gas, and equates to driving over 145 million miles on electricity alone. In total, Electrify America used 41.4 gigawatt-hours of energy to charge customer vehicles in 2021.

"The combination of our rapidly expanding charging network, plus the growth and availability of all-new electric vehicles, is accelerating the transition to eMobility. Electrify America is working with automotive manufacturers to smooth the transition from gas to electric by offering integrated access on the Electrify America network. We are seeing this positively impact vehicle adoption as first-quarter battery electric vehicle sales reached a record 5.2% market share of new vehicle sales in the US," said Robert Barrosa, senior director of Business Development and Marketing of Electric America.

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Volkswagen is currently working on a range of new ultra-fast charging stations in collaboration with oil giant BP that aim to expand the fast-charging network for European customers. These so-called 'Flexpole' chargers offer 150 kW of charging power, and are specifically designed to offer improved charging times for VW products such as the ID.4. VW hopes to carry this new tech over to the American market, and Electrify America customers soon.

Meanwhile, Tesla, which still offers one of the largest global charging networks, is opening up its infrastructure to other brands (alas not yet in the USA) in a move to consolidate the market, and GM is investing billions into its own expansion plans. All we know is that the EV charging space is rapidly expanding, and the race is only going to heat up.

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