America's EV Revolution Edges Closer To Reality

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If approved, this could end range anxiety in America.

With the recent launches of the Volkswagen ID.4 and Ford Mustang Mach-E boosting EV sales, there will soon be more electric cars on the road than ever before. Currently, there are around 100,000 public chargers in America, but President Biden has pledged to expand the infrastructure significantly by installing another 400,000 charging stations nationwide by 2030 as part of a massive $174 billion investment. Now, US lawmakers are pushing to put this plan into action and secure billions of dollars of funding.

The Hill reports that representatives Andy Levin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have introduced a revised version of their "Electric Vehicle Freedom Act" bill.

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If approved, it will create a network of high-speed charging stations across the US, eliminating range anxiety. A similar bill was proposed last year during the Trump administration. In response, the former president removed subsidies for buying electric cars. Under the Biden administration, lawmakers are much more confident the bill will be approved this year to kickstart America's EV revolution. The bill is part of several Green New Deal policies Ocasio-Cortez has recently introduced.

"The EV Freedom Act is a piece of legislation that upholds those core Green New Deal principles … it's part of a much larger comprehensive approach to transportation, we're making sure we're not leaving any community behind," she said.

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The bill will also "create the infrastructure" for electric car charging to be treated as a public service and make EVs more affordable and more accessible. "Right now electric vehicles are expensive, and so the way we can drive down these prices is by building out the infrastructure that will allow … more affordable electric vehicles," said Ocasio-Cortez. Levin added: "Getting to mass production is everything. It's not about waiting for markets because it's not necessarily in anyone's economic interest to provide that charging capacity right now."

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Source Credits: The Hill

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