America's Second Rimac Nevera Is Utterly Stunning

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The company CEO is particularly fond of the exquisite interior.

After a lengthy and rigorous development program, Rimac has finally started delivering the 1,914-horsepower Nevera supercar to excited customers. Company CEO and namesake Mate Rimac recently took us on a video tour of the production facility, proudly showing us car #000, a Callisto Green Nevera that will remain with the company as a demonstrator and marketing tool.

However, the first customer car (#001) was delivered to none other than Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, who specified a rather subtle black-on-black color scheme, referred to as "Batmobile spec." Now, thanks to the company's CEO, we get a glimpse of another car, the second car destined for the US, painted in white.

Mate Rimac/Facebook Mate Rimac/Facebook

Shared by Mate Rimac on Facebook, the innovative CEO expressed his love for the well-chosen interior. "US-spec Nevera #002. Love the interior," reads the caption. From the outside, there are subtle differences that won't appear on Nevera's destined for other markets. The vehicle seen here sports side marker lights, a mandated safety feature that is present on all US-spec cars.

Aside from the minor lighting difference, this white Nevera is just as striking as all the others we've seen so far.

The Nevera was only approved for US roads in July when the manufacturer received the all-clear from the EPA and California's Air Resources Board. While Euro market models have a WLTP estimated range of 342 miles, American agencies rated the all-electric supercar at a more modest 287.28 miles.
Mate Rimac/Facebook

As mentioned, it's the interior that appeals most to Mate Rimac. It's a subtle color combo, but thanks to red detailing, seat inserts, and stitching, it works well. The seats appear to be trimmed in a combination of supple leather and Alcantara, the latter also covering the dashboard. As you'd expect, there's plenty of carbon fiber trim to liven things up.

Judging by the upholstery in the butterfly door, the roof lining has been finished in the ox-blood hue, which lends the interior a warm and rich ambiance. It's certainly not to everyone's taste, but it's certainly distinctive and eye-catching.

Mate Rimac/Facebook

Despite the fact that a mere 150 units are destined for production, Rimac has said it will offer Nevera owners plenty of personalization options. There are 36 exterior colors to choose from but, if none of them are to your liking, bespoke options are available - presumably at extra cost. There are as many as three exposed carbon fiber finishes, as well as a bare carbon body, should you prefer a more distinctive look.

The same level of personalization is, of course, extended to the interior. With this in mind, we can't wait to see what Nevera owners have dreamed up. We expect some incredible combinations to be shared as the rest of the 150 electric supercars slowly make their way out of the Croatian factory.

Mate Rimac/Facebook Mate Rimac/Facebook

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