America's New 600-HP Electric Pickup Will Take On The Tesla Cybertruck

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US startup Lordstown Motors wants to make America's first electric pickup.

Pickup trucks are big business in America, so it's not surprising that several US manufacturers want to cash in on the craze and are preparing an electric truck onslaught. The Rivian R1T is slated to enter production later this year and Tesla will launch the Cybertruck next year. An electric Ford F-150 will also go on sale in 2021.

But US startup Lordstown Motors wants to beat the competition by launching the first electric pickup in America. It's called the Endurance, which Lordstown claims will be "the first all-electric pickup truck designed for modern work."

Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors

What separates the all-American Endurance from other electric trucks is its unique hub motor system. Four individual hub motors are located inside the wheels to free space and provide all-wheel drive, while an advanced system of computers and software optimizes every turn, stop, and lane change. Lordstown says this setup makes the Endurance handle like a sports car and provide "better traction than any conventional vehicle could ever offer."

Designed for commercial use, the Lordstown Endurance will have a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds and ride on 20-inch wheels. In total, the four electric motors combine to produce 600 horsepower. As for range, Lordstown claims the Endurance will deliver at least 250 miles on a single charge. When using Level 3 DC charging, the Endurance can be recharged to 95 percent in 30-90 minutes.

Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors

Last year, Lordstown Motors acquired the General Motors Lordstown plant in Ohio, where the Endurance will be built from the ground up. A new video gives us a look inside the 6.2 million square foot high-tech plant, which was used as a GM plant from 1966 until 2019.

The Lordstown Endurance will debut at the 2020 Detroit Auto Show in June before customer deliveries begin later this year. Pricing for the Lordstown Endurance will start at $52,500. For comparison, the Rivian R1T starts at $69,000, while the Tesla Cybertruck will set you back at least $39,900.

Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors Lordstown Motors

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