AMG Also Wants to Build E-Turbo Engines

Audi is rumored to be first, but Mercedes is hot for this new technology as well.

Accordingto recent rumors, the upcoming 2016 Audi Q7 is expected to premiere with anadvanced turbocharging system sourced from the RS5 TDI Concept. Thee-turbocharged engine features a turbocharger compressor that is powered by anelectric motor rather than exhaust gases, allowing for improved fuel economyand lower-rev engine boosting. Now, it seems that Mercedes-AMG is also planningon incorporating this technology in future vehicles.

Speaking with Drive, head of powertrain development for the division,Jochen Martin Schmid said: “There are many companies looking into thistechnology right now and it is something we will investigate at some time tosee the benefits.” According to the same report, AMG is looking toincorporate various additional Formula 1 technologies in its upcomingroad-going vehicles.

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