AMG and Aston Martin Partner Up to Build Killer Engines

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We're anxious to see how this will turn out.

There's been months of speculation that Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz's in house performance division AMG would form a technical partnership of some sort. Today those rumors have been confirmed as the two have jointly announced plans to share resources. Although final terms of the deal will be signed before the end of this year, the two automakers will mutually benefit from the partnership. But perhaps it will be the customers who will turn out to be the happiest beneficiaries.

Here's what we know: The deal allows Aston Martin to have access to Mercedes and AMG resources in an effort to build new V8 engines. Aston Martin will also be able to utilize some electronic architectures developed by AMG along with other electrical components. For its part, and depending on things work out, AMG will own a stake of up to five percent in Aston Martin. There's also a supply agreement between the companies included in the deal's terms. Head of Mercedes-AMG GmbH Ola Kallenius stated that "We are proud to work with Aston Martin and provide them with powertrain and e/e components for their forthcoming sports cars."

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