AMG Boss Confirms Mercedes Is Working On Another Electric Supercar


The R50 hypercar isn’t the only special AMG model on the way.

It’s been only a week since Mercedes confirmed the existence of the R50, a hybrid hypercar that’s intended to change the game for both the automaker and the hypercar segment as a whole, and AMG boss Tobias Moers is already talking about the next steps for the performance brand. In a recent interview with Drive, Moers said that AMG is so far ahead on the R50 that it’s already working on its next hybrid project. As AMG digests the platforms derived from Mercedes' new EQ sub-brand, we can expect more announcements like these.

The electric portion of the R50 hypercar drivetrain has helped Mercedes sub-brand AMG bridge the gap to begin collaborating with the BMW i-fighting EQ line. The revolutionary nature of the hypercar’s drivetrain should help ease AMG fans into a future full of electric and gas-electric powertrains. "I think electrification, hybridization of drivetrains, and the different ways and paths to do so will be key for future performance and that hybrid system of the hypercar shows a little bit how that future could look like. We're working on a lot of projects as well, we have more than one project aside parallel to the hypercar for electrification, hybridization as well," said Moers.

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While the AMG chief wouldn’t part his lips to elaborate on which car this could be, our best guess is that it’s the AMG GT. Back in 2012, Mercedes debuted the all-electric SLS AMG Electric Drive, which still holds the Nurburgring record for fastest electric production car lap. Seeing hybrid and electric versions of the AMG GT wouldn’t be out of the question, and given that Mercedes is just beginning to explore the car’s capabilities with the AMG GT R, hybrid and electric variants could help pave the way for future AMG models. Besides, with a confirmed Black Series variant on its way along with the existing five AMG GT models (GT, GT Roadster GT S, GT C, and GT R), we can imagine Mercedes expanding the GT lineup with a wide array of models.

This would be a move that mimics Porsche's strategy of ballooning the 911 lineup, which happens to be the AMG GT's main competitor. For AMG, like BMW’s M, an electric future is not a matter of if but when. “There is no plan for 2020 to have an electrified car, but if you ask me that question you will always get the answer that sooner or later there will be a pure electric driven AMG, because that's going to happen," Moers says. Luckily, enthusiasts will be able to have their cake and eat it too since the Tri-Star is intent on keeping some of our favorite power plants like the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 seen in cars like the G65 AMG and S65 AMG. The year 2020 should be an interesting one for Mercedes and the auto industry as a whole.