AMG Boss Says "Nice" Mercedes-AMG GT in the Works

We'll know what this means in about two years.

First off, Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers doesn’t deny that there’ll be an AMG GT convertible. Nor does he deny that a Black Series version is in the works. But during a conversation with Car and Driver at the LA Auto Show last week, Moers also acknowledged that another AMG GT variant is in development. Obviously specific details were purposely left out, but Moers stated that "before the Black Series, there will be a nice car."

When pushed about whether this "nice car" will be some sort of a GT3/Cup-type version, Moers replied that his team "had a close look at a Cup series, but I don’t know if we can make it. It’s complicated to tell today." More than likely, this variant will slot between the current GT S and the eventual Black Series. Whatever it turns out to be, we’ll know for sure in roughly two years’ time. Before then, expect for the AMG GT convertible to launch.

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