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AMG Cars Now Account For One In Ten Mercedes Models Sold

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We love AMG cars, but clearly they are becoming less special.

The AMG badge has typically been reserved for the most hardcore, expensive versions of Mercedes-Benz's best models. However, AMG cars have always been pretty expensive, so Mercedes wanted to give normal people a taste of the AMG life by expanding the brand with a ton of new models. Some AMG diehards think that this model expansion has diluted the brand, and they may have a point. Automotive News reports that AMG sales have continued to go up, and don't show any signs of slowing down. Mercedes will keep pumping out AMGs.

After a huge sales year in 2017, AMG cars now represent around 10 percent of all Mercedes sales. That's right, one in every ten new Mercedes-Benz models that you see on the road will likely be an AMG. Through November of 2017, AMG sales have skyrocketed 50 percent to 30,116 vehicles. In the same time, overall Mercedes sales have dropped 2 percent to 302,043 vehicles. Much of this growth can be attributed to the new AMG 43 line, which bridges the gap between a standard car and the more hardcore AMG 63 models with hand-built engines. AMG will expand ever further with a new AMG 53 line that will utilize an inline-six cylinder engine and a hybrid drivetrain.

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Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers says that AMG's growth in the US has been better than expected thanks to the AMG 43 line, and that sales of the AMG 63 line went up as well. "It's going to be the best year for performance," Moers said. "It's getting more reasonable to have 10 percent" of the US mix represented by AMG. The US was particularly helpful for the success of AMG, and is the performance brand's number one market. 9 of the 40 available AMG cars in the US are from the 43 line, and that number should only increase over time.

With the massive expansion of AMG, Mercedes has asked certain dealers to become AMG Performance Centers. These dealers have gone through extensive training to sell AMG products, and there are currently 60 of these centers, with a plan to have 90 stores for the US. Some people may not like that AMG cars are becoming more common, but it keeps making Mercedes money so we don't think the trend will stop any time soon.