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AMG is Aston Martin's Automotive Sugar Daddy

In terms of engines, that is.

Ever since Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz's high-performance division AMG announced a deal for the latter to provide the former with engines, speculation has mounted as to whether a buyout may eventually happen. Aston, when compared directly against its rivals, mainly Porsche, has been lagging behind in engine development, which is a very costly venture. With growing fuel emissions regulations, the money wasn’t there for AM to do the engine work on its own.

This is where AMG came into the picture. The combination of engines and their electronic architecture is "something that can kill you if you don’t have an automotive sugar daddy," according to AMG boss Tobias Moers. Questions are also being asked regarding the future relationship of this deal. A future buyout, perhaps?" The homework for these guys at Aston for the next two to three years is so big, just for the engines. All these rumors about platform sharing are nice but no one at Aston or Mercedes has the time to discuss them," according to Moers. AMG is purely looking to make a profit for now, and nothing more.

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