AMG Is The Next Automaker To Announce Hybrid Drivetrains In The Works


At best, we get a scaled down LaFerrari, but at worst? Don't go there.

The theory that great new technologies trickle down to fill gaps at the lower ends of the spectrum seems to be holding true. When the hybrid hypercar trinity was first unveiled, it was predicted that hybrids would fill in other supercar segments in order to preserve high speed capabilities while continuing the downward trend in fuel consumption. Now Mercedes-AMG has confirmed that they are working on hybrid powertrains that will be applied to cars like the AMG GT and the C63 AMG.

As AMG boss Tobias Moers told this to Motoring Australia, he also mentioned that they will hold onto petrol-powered engines until around 2020 when emissions regulations force electric motors to bear the burden. And what a burden it will be; not only will these hybrid drivetrains be responsible for one-upping the current generations of AMG cars, but they will have to do this with the additional weight of battery packs and electric motors. BMW has already announced that their future M variants will be hybrids too and McLaren said they are funneling cash into an all-electric supercar, so go ahead and give your change to the homeless man holding a "The end is near" sign because he was right.

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