AMG Joins Mercedes In Daimler's F1 Team Title

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While a small change to the team's name, it's a big change for AMG.

AMG, Daimler's high-performance division, will be enhancing their presence next year in Grand Prix racing. However, it is not going to be in the form of a new team, but rather its name will be added to Mercedes's team's title. The new name will officially now be the "Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team". Up until this point, AMG's presence within Formula 1 basically just amounted to the pace and medical cars, but the division felt it was time to make better use of their name and reputation.

"These three letters are synonymous with high technology, sporting performance and excitement and this step is a further strong sign of the strategic commitment Mercedes-Benz has made to Formula 1. Sixteen of the 24 drivers on the grid at the season's final Grand Prix in Brazil have, or have had, a connection to Mercedes-Benz," said the German automaker in an official presss release. "In addition to the role of a works team, our commitment to Formula 1 comprises the customer engine program and supply of the official safety and medical cars."

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