AMG To Celebrate 50th Anniversary With New Model: The AMG GT RS

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This sounds like a stab at the 911 GT3 RS, but it's actually an attempt to undermine the million dollar 911 R.

Mercedes-AMG is quickly shaping up to be the automotive Jay Gatsby of our generation because of how over the top some of its vehicles are. Sure, nobody needs a SUV stuffed with a bi-turbo V12 making a colossal 621 horsepower and costing nearly a quarter million dollars, but why not do it anyway? And just like Mr. Gatsby, Mercedes-AMG is gearing up to throw the biggest year-long party the car world has ever seen. Thanks to what Dutch car site Auto Gespot has uncovered, we now hear that the party is about to get hotter.

That's because AMG may be introducing another surprise guest. Previously we heard that Mercedes' in-house tuner was building a collection of supercars to be unveiled during its 50th anniversary celebration that will take place next year including a four-door Porsche Panamera-fighting version of the AMG GT and the hypercar to beat all hypercars, the R50. Now, the Dutch automotive site claims that we'll see yet another AMG GT variant break cover. This one will be called the AMG GT RS. The RS moniker, aside from being a Porsche name, likely alludes to the fact that Mercedes thinks the Porsche 911 GT3 RS should begin to find safe spaces in which to cower right about now.

As its name implies, an RS version of the AMG GT would be the most powerful to date, with its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 being tuned to deliver over 600 horsepower as it does in the new top-tier AMG E63. Additional upgrades include new aero bits on the front and rear as well as a wider rear track, both of which will help this Merc tackle the Nurburgring with a violent fervor similar to what we expect out of the R50. This is further evidence that Mercedes is planning to reserve the Black Series label for a less serious yet more fun version of the AMG GT, much like what the 911 Turbo S is to the 911 GT3 RS. Unfortunately, the AMG GT RS would likely be a highly limited model, with only 50 units expected to be produced.


Those lucky enough to be allotted one can brag that their AMG GT RS was tuned with the help of Mercedes' champion F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. If it's limited to the double digit production numbers that Auto Gespot speculates, then we can be sure that its price will kiss the stratosphere, possibly eclipsing even the seven figure Porsche 911 R. Only time will tell if the car will actually come to fruition, but the one thing we can be sure of is that Mercedes-AMG is rallying its forces to make 2017 a great year to be a gearhead.


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