AMG Vision Gran Turismo May Yet Become A Reality

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It does sometimes seem unfair when manufacturers decide not to build a concept.

This has probably happened to you at some point in the past. An automotive manufacturer has made a concept which they never intended to build, but which you still desperately want. You've maybe even considered writing a letter, promising to buy one if they'd just build it for you. Well, an American enthusiast named Jeff Halverson saw such a car at the L.A. Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, but he had a better plan than just writing a letter.

His plan is to just build the car himself, essentially by putting a new body onto the standard 2014 SLS AMG GT. The new body will be entirely carbon fiber, and will cut 200lbs from the curb weight. Five units will be made available for sale, and Halverson says he has already received his first order. As fantastic as this sounds, we can't help but be a bit skeptical. This is not the first time someone has tried something like this, and projects like these don't tend to end well. But we don't know for certain that Mercedes will react the same as certain other manufacturers (say, Ferrari), so it's not quite a foregone conclusion.

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