AMG Vision GT Looks Fantastic in the Metal

The low slung one-off is a classic GT with a futuristic twist.

After seeing the gorgeous one-off Benz in some official snaps, we knew the Vision Gran Tusimo Concept needed to be seen up close to be fully appreciated. These live shots of the concept from the LA Auto Show reveal the 1:1-scale model of the virtual supercar created for GT6 that is supposed to offer some clue as to the carmaker’s future design language. The model comes without a powertrain, but in the game the Vision GT Concept gets a twin-turbo V8 rated at 577-hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

The sexy yet aggressive design combines nods to classic Mercedes GT cars and plenty of futuristic styling. The Gullwing doors remained closed, hiding the interior, but the engineless model car does have working taillights, a motorized, moveable rear spoiler and fully functional Knight Rider-esque LED grille.

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